Comical times!

Hey, who doesn’t like comics? Here is one that my friend Derek made about me.

James Daniel Reacts to Things


Thanks to Fitts I now have this stuck in my head forever… maybe it doesn’t help that I ripped the sound from the video trimmed the laughter at the end off and turned it into an alarm didn’t help. Anyway, lots of fun for all!

Doomed Alarm!


Hey guys and gals!  I keep getting yelled at for not actually blogging or doing anything with this site.  I would say sorry but well.. honestly? What do you expect?  Almost all of my posts are me saying sorry about taking forever to post anything.  I really just have a pretty dull life and thus I don’t post often, so I will say sorry but this time I’ll say sorry for having a boring life not for the lack of posts.  We shall see if I can improve my interests and make my life a bit better for me and for you!

Not so smooth transition time!  Google Plus, have you tried it yet?  What are you guys feeling so far?  I personaly love it. It actually feels like a true social networking site to me.  It’s not just a collection of “friends” like Facebook or MySpace always seemed to be.  I’ve had a few conversations with some pretty amazing people since moving over to Google+.  Two or three photographers, a few programmers (web and other), I’ve even had a hangout with some verified Google employees now!  How could this NOT be cool?

If you haven’t tried yet because you are stuck without an invite feel free to use my invite link below and join in on the fun.  Let me know if you find anything cool that I may have missed or if you set up your circles in a super handy way that lets sharing easier for you.

Click here if you need an invite to Goolge Plus

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers

Not been doing a whole lot.  Though recently Netflix made Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers available for instant streaming so I’ve been watching quite a bit of that…  Infact I now have the intro theme as a ringtone and the communicator sound for text messages.  I linked the .mp3 version of the MMPR theme and the MMPR communicator below.

Also, sorry the site is being super slow right now.  Working with the host to figure out why it fails so hard.

Power Ranger Theme Intro

Power Ranger Communicator

IHOP lunch

YAY!  I got to see Charaya today!  It’s the first time in a pretty long time since we’ve been able to actually see each other so it was super great!  We met up for “lunch” around 7ish after I did a bit of work.  I had fun and got to meet her boyfriend David.  We ended up talking about a lot of random things like throwing tables you sit at and violent animated films… maybe we were in a violent mood.

Anyway, fun was had and that’s all that matters in the end anyway.  Now to sit back, watch some TV and play a bit of Xaos.

I guess I could get my taxes done…. crap… they are due in only a day or so..

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